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1 on 1 Music Lessons - Customized For Each Student!


Drum Lessons Music Lessons North Phoenix




 About our music lessons…

Private music lessons at Strum University’s North Phoenix music studio are given in half-hour blocks, one music lesson per week on an ongoing basis.  All music lessons in North Phoenix are given in private studios at Strum University with one on one instruction.  Our talented, experienced, professional instructors are dedicated to your enjoyment, progress, and success. We believe we can provide an instructor that is the perfect fit for you.

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Music Lesson Policies & Fees

No Long-term Commitments
Pay Monthly

Music Lesson Rates:
30 min Lessons – $150 per month
60 min Lessons – $280 per month

(Lessons fees are charged on the 1st of each month with autopay.  A credit or debit card is required to be kept on file for each student.)


At Strum University located in North Phoenix, we offer music and guitar lessons for both children and adults at all skill levels.  Guitar lessons can be taken on either acoustic or electric guitar.

Whether you want to learn to shred like Jimi Hendrix, or just be able to strum some songs for your friends and family – we’ve got you covered!

All of our music and guitar lessons are custom designed to each student.  This way you are learning the fundamentals of guitar through songs and styles that you personally enjoy.  Most importantly, playing music and learning the guitar should be fun!

Piano lessons at Strum University in North Phoenix are being offered for ALL levels.  Ages 5 – adult.  While taking piano lessons you can learn to play classical, movie music, pop- or a little of each!  All of our piano lessons are customized to fit each student’s needs, personality and goals.

At Strum University in North Phoenix, singing lessons are much more than just singing your favorite songs.  Our singing lessons include a true study of the voice, which can be a life changing event.  Our goal in providing singing lessons is to help you be a healthy and happy singer so you will be able to sing confidently for the rest of your life.

You choose the style of music you want to study and we will give you the tools to help you become the best singer you can be.  Your singing lessons are custom designed to meet your individual goals.

Our instructors have a wealth of information from their years of study and real life experience as professional singers.  If you are a beginner, a pro, or somewhere in-between, Strum University is the place for you!

Strum University in North Phoenix offers drum lessons for both children and adults at all skill levels.

Learn the importance of rudiments, technique, and all of the basics – before you create bad habits that are hard to fix! While taking your drum lessons you will also learn full songs and have the opportunity to join our Rock Band program.

Students can expect a customized drum lesson, designed to specifically meet their individual needs. Above all, we bring our passion of music and drums to each lesson!


Bass lessons at Strum University in North Phoenix are open to ALL levels, age 7 –  adult. Whether you’re wanting to prepare for that audition or just learn to play the bass properly, we have you covered!  We also welcome adults who want to pick up an instrument for the first time, or maybe who played in school and want to take a few “refresher” bass lessons.   All bass lessons are customized to each student’s needs, personality and goals.

Strum University in North Phoenix also offers ukulele lessons for all ages!  The ukulele is a great first instrument for young ones with little hands, or even for an intermediate guitar player looking to learn another string instrument.  Your ukulele lessons will include learning the fundamentals of how to hold and strum a ukulele, as well songs, scales and much more!  As usual, all ukulele lessons are customized to fit the student’s personal needs and goals.


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