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Nick Jensen - Studio Director

Nick Jensen has been sharing his love of music with students since 2006. Since this time, he has helped hundreds of students achieve their musical goals.  Besides running the studio, Nick is also the Praise and Worship Leader at Desert Foothills Lutheran Church, where he leads a contemporary praise band every Sunday.  You can also find him playing out locally in the Phoenix area almost every weekend. Through his many years of performing and teaching music, Nick has developed a passion for teaching music and helping students tap into their inner rock star!

Tina Allgeier - Voice & Piano

Over the past 40 years, Tina Allgeier has been singing and performing in many areas of the music industry.  Areas include musical theater, studio recording sessions, guest performances with local orchestras, duo/trio/band work for clubs and private parties.  She has also been involved with community organizations/city sponsored events, and serving as a music teacher and minister at various churches valley-wide.  For the past 15 of these years as a music teacher, she has been passionately bringing her extensive performing experience and love of singing to her students.  She recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each one of her singer/artist students and individualizes her music teaching to help each student reach his or her own musical goals.  Although most of Tina’s time is spent teaching music and performing, she is always sharpening her skills through continued study and working at her craft daily; proving that no one is ever too old to learn!



Doug Hill - Drums & Percussion

Doug has been playing the drums since 2005.  He has performed in settings such as concert bands, symphonic orchestras, jazz combos, big bands, percussion ensembles, rock bands and church praise bands.  Doug loves seeing a student succeed in their own musical goals, especially when the student originally doesn’t think they can achieve said goals.  It is all about the “lightbulb” moment, he says.  You can often find Doug participating in jam sessions throughout the valley or playing gigs at local venues.  Throughout Doug’s 17 years in the music field, he’s developed a passion for sharing his love and knowledge of the drums with students of all ages!

Mike Reardon - Guitar, Bass & Ukulele

Mike is a guitarist/bassist/vocalist living in Scottsdale after moving here from the Black Hills of South Dakota where he lived and performed from 1994 to 2014. He grew up in Massachusetts where he attended Berklee College of Music as a performance major and acquired a background in jazz theory and harmony. Mike has been teaching for 20 years, mentoring students from age 7 to 70 in rhythm, melody, and harmony so they can have the skill needed to play their favorite songs or write their own music. Many of his students have graduated to playing in touring bands or starting their own band.  Mike is a full time musician playing bass with many prominent local groups and is also the lead guitarist/vocalist/songwriter for his own band, MRB.  He also enjoys sharing his acoustic guitar music with many seniors during the day through Audrey’s Angels.

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Tyler Allen - Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Mandolin & Rock Band

Over the last twenty years, Tyler Allen has developed a colorful resume within the world of music. He has been involved with music in one capacity or another, from playing stages across the United States to playing for private audiences and owning an independent record label. Tyler takes pride in his ability to teach a multitude of musical concepts to his students and believes that sharing his love of music is integral to the learning process. He has a deep passion for extreme music and the level of technical proficiency required to play the music, so much so that he has written and recorded several records spanning the sub-genres of metal.  Tyler also believes that as a teacher it is his responsibility to continue his education in his field. As such, he actively takes lessons to continue broadening his knowledgebase. With his experience playing in bands and actively studying, Tyler is well equipped to customize his lessons on a student-by-student basis, while still affording each individual a quality education in music and providing a wealth of knowledge that can only be obtained by someone who is an active member of the music community.

Scotty Spenner - Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin & Rock Band

Scotty Spenner is a vocalist, guitar player and teacher with a long distinguished career.  In addition to electric and acoustic guitar he also plays mandolin, ukulele and harmonica; with an extensive repertoire that ranges from original complex Ragtime tunes, pre-war blues, Irish fiddle tunes to Django Reinhardt-style jazz.  Scotty loves sharing his immense knowledge of music with students of all ages and ability levels.  From the complete beginner all the way to the advanced player, Scotty has the ability to easily communicate the language of music to all! 

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Janna Jennison-Jones - Piano & Voice

Janna received her bachelor’s of music therapy from the University of Evansville, Indiana in 2008 where she majored in piano and minored in voice.  Since then, she has been helping people of all ages with music through music therapy, piano, and voice lessons.  During this time, Janna has played piano/led praise and worship music for various churches and directed an adult choir and two children’s choirs.  She’s also co-written many songs, recorded an EP, a full album and performed bi-weekly at local venues with her all-original Steampunk band, Jellied Brainz.  While classically trained, Janna loves to play and sing pop, rock and many other styles of music.  Janna has a strong background in music theory and reading musical notation, and tries to incorporate theory into each lesson while still making it fun to learn.  Her goal is to help each student become the best musician they can be while tailoring the styles of music learned to the student’s interests.  Janna lives with her husband, Chris, and they have 2 children and 2 cats together.

Eskender Kaupa - Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Bass

Eskender Kaupa is a passionate and experienced piano teacher with a focus on helping students of all ages and skill levels reach their full musical potential. With several years of teaching experience and a wealth of performance experience, Eskender has a proven track record of fostering a love of music in his students while developing their technical skills and musical expression.  Eskender began studying piano at a young age and has been performing in shows and events around the valley for many years.  Through his years of teaching and performing, he has developed a unique teaching style that prioritizes the individual needs of each student, combining elements of classical technique and theory with practical skills for contemporary and popular music.  Eskender believes that music education should be accessible to everyone, and that every student has the potential to become a skilled and passionate musician. His lessons are designed to meet each student at their own level, building on their existing skills and musical interests to create a personalized learning experience.

Eskender Kaupa
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Kieran Lynch - Guitar, Bass, Ukulele

Introducing Kieran, a seasoned guitarist with decades of experience under his belt. With a passion for music ignited over 20 years ago, Kieran has honed his craft through live performances, studio sessions, and collaborations with various bands. His journey as a musician has taken him from the stage to the studio, where he currently thrives as a guitarist and bassist at Saltmine Studio Oasis. Kieran’s love for music extends beyond playing; he finds joy in sharing his expertise as a guitar instructor, particularly enjoying guiding young musicians on their musical journeys. With his ability to connect with his audience and his unwavering commitment to excellence, Kieran is primed to ignite passion in young musicians and share his love for music.

Dan Ryan - Piano, Voice, Guitar

Dan has been teaching piano, voice and guitar for the past 17 years in the Phoenix area as a school teacher, church musician and director of a men’s barbershop quartet-style chorus. He has competed in regional, district and international competitions as a singer and as a director. He loves teaching all ages and finds creative ways to bring out the best in his students!

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